How to Reduce Stress

Reducing stress can help you live longer, healthier, and happier. When you move to live longer and healthier, happiness often follows pursuit. Stress is pressures, or physiological responses, which when pressure occurs the body and mind will respond. Most times the person feels threatened, or fears change, or else feels challenged when stress occurs. Nowadays, we have to work twice as hard to survive, which has increased the rates of illnesses stemming from stress. The number of people today suffering has reached far past 1 million each year.

Stress is a positive influence however. When you feel stress you want to turn the negative energy into positive thinking. How it works?

First, remember to tell your self sufficient each day for no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Furthermore, learn to live one day at a time, unless you are overwhelmed with stress, and then learn to live one second at a time. If you are using alcohol or drugs to relieve constant tension, you want to consider practices other healthier tactics. If you are loosing sleep and find that alcohol helps you sleep, remember, when you drink you loose REM sleep. REM is the dream state, which is important. You can go to the local pharmacist and purchase Melatonin supplements, which will relax the nerves and help you sleep. Melatonin costs a few bucks, and will save you more than you will spend on alcohol or drugs to relax.

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